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this makes me think of yet another vinyl release. something i’ve been wondering about for years, and i think this thread finally showed me the light: the re-release of gish on caroline.

the early releases were CARLP16, deleted shortly after, and followed up by the uk HUTLP2 release. if we ignore the korean release, i think these were the only two releases available for the first years. then came the remastered version, HUTLPX2.

but more recently, i think at the end of the nineties, or even early 2000s, a new version was released, on caroline. the release code of this vinyl is CAROL 1705 (0 17046 17051 2). but next to the matrix code CAR-1705-A and CAR-1705-B, the vinyl also has the codes HUTLPX-2A-1 and HUTLPX2B-1 (like that, without the – between the X and the 2; at least, that’s how it is on my copy).
i never got this: why would they put a HUT matrix code on an american release on caroline?
but now i think i understand: they used the moulds that were used for the HUTLPX-2 release for this re-release. so they copied these codes as well.

another \"anecdote\" about these gishes: apparently they stopped pressing the german CARLP16 for some reason, and started making the english HUTLP2. but some of the CARLP16 sleeves must have moved to england, where they reused them. i have a HUTLP2 copy that has a CARLP16 inner sleeve. the word \"caroline\" on the inner sleeve has been blacked out with a marker.
cool, huh?
(ok, nevermind…)