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yes, i think spaceboye’s point is, um, on point. meaning, it’s all about the display. they even say on their site that it’s about visuals more than acoustics, but that they do press sound into the metal. which isn’t saying much at all. edison did it with tin foil, but even he was able to play back mary had a little lamb. pretty impressive, really.

so if they are pressing sound into the metal, even if it’s complete nonsense or ambient noises or just scratches, it would still be interesting to hear some of these later records.

i get the sense that before this company started mass producing \"gold and platinum records\", they did use actual metal masters or whatever and maybe even vinyl in the earliest stages. but those could be completely arbitrary as well, even as recent as 1999, as provided in my example above.

whatever, we’ll never know, it’s just a curious thought…

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