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in the end there is always a human being in control of the fucking up.[/quote:3sdibeij]

i think a human may start the process. <edit> but after that, a computer is operating independent of human control.[/quote:3sdibeij]
Can the almighty God create a rock that he/she cannot lift? Yes. Uhm, no. God is not almighty, we can conclude, at least.

Can the almighty human being create a computer that can operate independant of human control? Yes. Uhm, maybe not, after all. There is always a human being in the background that controlled something. The computer has to be designed, it has to be build, it has to programmed, it needs energy to operate. So many switches here that are controlled but by the computer itself. Human being is not almighty either, and computers will not take over the world. :)

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