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so many similiarities. hard to ignore.

what i sort of declare, (to be denounced), is that we create computers and all their reactions. computers are \"evolving\", not randomly, but by deliberate choices, by humans, to make our lives more simple. specifically, computers are \"evolving\" into robots. given enough time, i do believe we can work out many kinks and develop a world where the robots are aware of what they need to survive – we can program them to take the necessary precautions to be sustainable. basically, on their own.

what i cannot see, is a desire to fulfill this duty. for some reason, humans (for the most part) want to make things better for humanity and strive to embody this stance. however, if a robot starts to feel hungry and makes a decision to just say \"fuck it\", who is there to stop them? no one. do we then program them a god?

much like suicide. people give up. they are given the appropriate software/hardware, but the internal wiring goes wrong somehow and the preprogrammed make a \"wrong\" decision based upon what we wanted. who are we then? we become the god(s).

then introduce human error and viruses and sickness. this is going to happen. it’s already happening. i find it intriguing!!!

in my time of dying