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Yes, that Marked tape contains material even from January 1987. But the band broke up in October 1986. There are a very few songs from that tape that were recorded in Chicago by billy, between oct 1986-jan 87. I think \"Earth Stood Still\", \"Christina\", and \"Now that I feel\" are from this period of time. \"Now that I feel\" features Len Ayala in bass and \"Christina\" features Ron in vocals. I would say the marked broke up in florida because when he returned to chicago he started doing all these solo demos that are in the archives. Ron would say it was still the marked, but it really wasn’t, it was billy’s solo demos with the help of Len and sometimes Ron. He talks about it in his confessions.

Interesting pointing out what Jesse Miller said, I never heard that he said that. It might be true though, but it’s odd that Dave would state otherwise.