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ok, i started with the 1996-01-31 tracks.

1. God (from Zero)
2. Disarm (LIVE Chicago 10/23/95)
3. 1979 (LIVE San Diego 2/7/96)
4. Believe (German b-side)
5. Blank (from Tonight Tonight)
6. Bullet With Butterfly Wings (LIVE Chicago 10/23/95)
7. Cherry (German b-side)
8. Cherub Rock (LIVE same show as trks 1,6)
9. If You Want My Love (LIVE same as 1,6,8 w/ CHEAP TRICK)
10. Jupiter’s Lament (from Tonight, Tonight)
11. Marquis In Spades (from Zero)
12. Meladori Magpie (from Tonight, Tonight)
13. Pennies (from Zero)
14. Rotten Apples (from Tonight, Tonight)
15. Said Sadly… (b-side Bullet With Butterfly Wings)
16. Set The Ray To Jerry (German b-side)
17. The Boy (German b-side)
18. Today (LIVE San Diego 2/7/96)
19. Tonight, Tonight (LIVE same as above)
20. Tribute To Johnny (from Zero)
21. Ugly (German b-side)[/quote:3f8s9oqi]
as explained in the other thread, the ten first tracks of this show appear on the \"mellon collie and the infinite ga ga goo goo\" bootleg, where the show is incorrectly listed as 1996-02-07.
more info:
interesting fact: 1979 isn’t included on this bootleg
you can hear and download the complete recording of this show here:

i checked all three tracks. tonight, tonight and today are clearly from this show. 1979 however is from a different, random show. (i also checked the actual 1996-02-07 show, but it’s not from that show either.)
also, 1979 is clearly mp3 sourced.

my conclusion: they used the infinite ga ga goo goo bootleg as source for today and tonight, tonight. 1979 is an mp3 they found online, clearly from a different show.

i think this is enough info to conclude that they didn’t receive these live tracks from the band.

i have no time right now to look into the 1995-10-23 tracks. a first look showed that they are fm sourced (as every recording from this show). my guess would be that they are all sourced from the starlight bootleg. this bootleg contains all the tracks included in this \"unofficial\" compilation.
if you want to check for yourself, this bootleg can be streamed and downloaded here:
splra info: