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I thought I’d be able to give a quick opinion and look what happened (sowwee). Hopefully some others can chip in their thoughts sometime too…


I suppose the ‘never before heard’ was meant to be ‘never before seen, ‘as the guy’s openly explained their video.

If he’s being honest (I can’t see any point in lying) then it would make sense with what he says: \"The band gave us a cassette of their album before it was released. When the album was released it sounded different. I never liked the album version as much as the songs on the cassette.\"

Here’s some links to look into that might identify the track’s origins, plus I’ve u/l a few versions:

^ It takes a while to build the main page up.

I’ve only had a quick listen to blue’s tracks (sowwee again), we should nominate her as spfreaks’ official \"RCT\" – Rhinoceros Chief Tester! Good work and thanks for joining in, only 50x? :wink: Here’s some others and the SP & Moon track’s from this: … &item=1584

I’m not sure if I have the Gish Rough Mix version, so in future I’d add that in… :)