Reply To: Framed Promo for MCIS– Is this rare and of any value?

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I have seen this poster one time before but it was not framed. It is rare, but being rare and being valuable are two different things. The old saying goes, \"Something is only worth what someone will pay for it.\" I am on ebay multiple times a week going through every pumpkins listing and have seen many thousands of pumpkins items cycle through over the years. Things that I would have thought would fetch a high price often times do not. The most I could see this poster going for is maybe $30 to the right bidder… maaayebe a few dollars more because it’s framed. There was a big framed photo print taken by a famous rock-n-roll photographer of James Iha that was on ebay for a month and a half. The starting bid was only $20 and no one was interested. I had never seen that photo before and the frame alone was easily worth more than $20. I hate to say it, but the pumpkins aren’t as popular as they used to be. If the item is a rare pre 1995 item, really pretty, owned by a band member, or a very rare CD that is sought by people on this site, then it may fetch a little coin… but for a MCIS poster? Not so much. There is a guy who had a MCIS 4ft X 4ft duratran poster that he wanted $800 for. This is a prime example of people over estimating the worth of their item. The reality is that the collectable hype for this band is at a low point.

How much did you pay for the framed MCIS poster?