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to clear things up-

we @ SPMM will be sending out a small number of questions to the guys in the band.
we will pick the questions and would love and appreciate all input.
all in all in the final projected article which will be a collaborative SPMM-item (so not solely mine, mind you) it might turn out several, it might turn out none of our/your questions will / can be featured.
or answered, so please bear with me in that process – thnx.

the main focus is on the mayhem of news and releases and tour info and all – the current status so to speak – so keep that in mind – what do you wanna know most NOW at this moment in time about TSP NOW?
think – current affairs vs lack of info or curious as to band input / statement – somwhere along those lines…

hope this clear things up a little bit-
i was very very busy when i asked arthur to post this here…
so might have left out a few bits and pieces – but the above is what i’m looking for: like a long list from you guys from which i will then pick the best ones to propose to the team and then the team will pick the best ones to forward to BC and JC.

thnx a lot.
you rock – awesome, thnx!