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I still think this is just a matter of taste. You consider I Fall the start of the Pumpkins because two members recorded a song together and later released it on a Pumpkins tape. Hope does not count, because Billy recorded it solo, and because they never played it live.

This seems a bit arbitrary to me. A lot of Pumpkins songs were recorded by Billy Corgan alone, or were never played live. (Would you change your mind and consider the Pumpkins birthyear to be 1986 if they had played Hope live?)

I could say I agree, or disagree, and that would be it. There isn’t much to discuss, in my opinion.

Because I find it nothing more than a matter of taste, I don’t really care if people consider 1987 or 1988 to be the start of the Pumpkins. I think everyone says 1988 because that’s when the band was formed and when they started playing together as a 4-piece. If you want to take 1987 for all the reasons you mentioned, that is fine as well.

I also get the feeling that Billy doesn’t feel like mentioning that the Pumpkins originally had another drummer, so he leaves that out of the band’s history on purpose. Letting the band start in 1988 with him and James and a drum machine, later adding D’arcy and Jimmy, is probably very convenient for him.
And if you consider everything before 1988 not to be the Pumpkins, it isn’t even a lie.

Either way, I agree with the fact that no website has correct recording info on I Fall: even still says it was recorded in 1988. (They do mention that the early recording info is speculative, so I guess we can’t blame them.)
Good job! Go spfreaks!