Reply To: What do you honestly think about Billy Corgan being ing GH4?

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I think it’s a little strange. I saw the prototype of Billy, basically the getup he was wearing at the final metro show. Taking this one image of Billy and immortalizing it in a game is kinda crappy. Would be cool if you could select which era of Billy you wanted and go with that style.

I’m not a fan of GH, I’ve actually never played it. It seems insane to me to spend hours pushing buttons like a guitar instead of actually learning to fucking play it. lol. You know? My god, you could easily play these songs for real and probably buy a guitar/amp etc. for the price you pay to mimic the real thing.

I guess all in all, I’m not a big fan of the GH idea, so to me, it’s kinda lame. :(

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