Reply To: What do you honestly think about Billy Corgan being ing GH4?

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did anyone think the choice in outfit was a bit weird? the silver skirt get up. i know its just Billy- wearing dress as always :wink: – but part of me wonders how that will be perceived by a more general perhaps non-pumpkinhead audience. i guess i think of teens like my little brother playing it and i know how they would react to a dude in a dress (i don’t think i need to say more :roll: ), so i guess i just thought it was an odd choice for the company to go with that for a game targeted at that crowd.

we all know Billy likes to sport a dress, so its not a WTF? thing to us so much, but i would think it might be to the main crowd that plays that game that maybe isn’t as familiar with the whole experience that is smashing pumpkins- shimmery skirts and all. :wink:

i could be wrong and i hope maybe some people decide to check out the SP (*cough* my brother with his lame music tastes) , but its just a thought i guess. :wink:

i don’t mind the Billy wear though.