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Don’t forget that you’re also artistic, this alone can be hard-going and the world rarely believes in it…

It’s good that you’re able to talk about it and realise you’re run down, any decent person would be with all this crap to deal with.

Cheesey as it sounds, you need to ‘take stock’ and focus on some plusses to your current life, having some time off work’s no biggie and the world will keep spinning.

Imagine being Will’s family, he was a very dear friend of mine (put things in perspective a little):

I’ve been on and off of medication since the age of 19, so life still goes on.

We luv ya to death (and beyond), so don’t you forget that now, ya hear?

Hope this didn’t sound too lecture-ey and so on, think of it as tried & tested advice from an old Pro.

Hang in there Sunshine, time will fix everything, you’re not alone under the dark cloud. :) :wink: