Reply To: Mr Corgan announces HUGE vault release on vinyl this year

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On Sven wrote:

well… yeah that seems to be a lot…

but still: BC didn’t put a timeframe on this, so it might be spread over several years…

and: he didn’t say LP did he?
now it might be LP’s but I gather that’s pushing things, a lot.
i read it so that BC was implying a combination of 7\", 10\", 12\" and LP’s.
maybe even only 7\"s somewhat like The Vault Jack White is maintaining.
now 12 x 7\" of early TSP, BC-solo early stuff would amount to 24 tracks of pretty decent quality, plus say one LP for Nothing Ever Changes and one 10\" for the Chicago21 show…

pretty much looking forward to this a lot as there are quite some gems hidden there from those days.