Reply To: WTF? 1990/1991 bootie tape?

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i guess RAZOR can’t be mistaken… :)
i’d say it’s this show:
(mislabeled on the tape therefore…)
(all the as of then unknown album song titles kinda match up with the featured ones, too – which is quite funny as for the same songs, on the b-side, the correct titles are given!, even!, go figure!!!)

as for the b-side…
the segue from Tristessa through these song was standard for the 1991 tour.
i can only dig up one show opening with Tristessa as Rocket was the most current opener.
though, that said, Rocket might just have been cut from this recording.
which would make some sense, considering this bootleg tape might have been somewhat geared up and made to at least to some extent cash in on the possible chance of the Sub Pop Tristessa single making the rounds on the radio or something…

i believe we’re dealing with these two shows here.
bootleg tape for sure.
interesting to see, because it’s a bootleg cassette…
nothing more, but still, rather \"cute\"… :)