Reply To: 2008-01-30 T-Mobile Arena, Praha, CZ

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Yeah, I indeed missed My Blue Heaven. But they missed Stellar, it was played, after C`mon Let`s Go. And they played Superchrist before C`mon Let`s Go.

Here are some cool links from the show.




And some photos from the show … C5%82e.rar .

I like Billy`s new outfit very much. It reminds me 2000. As well as Jeff`s red suit (wasn`t James wearing similar on some shows ? Yes, he did)
Hell yeah, I had great time. But something weird happend and I am crushed and depressed.
Call me crazy, but I remember almost nothing from the show and it kills me. I don`t know, too much adrenaline or something ? Sorry for language, but what the fuck ! I feel like I only read a review of the show and convinced myself I have been there, and I am serious ! I was standing front of stage, on the center, almost as close to Billy as it was possible. Where are my memories ?! It is so uncool. It was yesterday and I don`t remember.