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I got my TAFH box quite early in my collecting \"career?\", i got it at quite a bargain price, it wasn’t very descriptive on the ebay description but still…

It all arrived, every CD was there and in great condition, the book was a little frayed but i didn’t mind, it was mine, ALL MINE!!!… ahem.

But on the sticker under the lid, the seller had attempted to draw the TAFH booklet aeroplane and the SP heart very badly, then scribbled it out in thick marker. Ah well, i’m putting off buying a better condition one as i have this one, there’s no rush.

Not exactly rare, but i bought the Singles soundtrack CD for the bargain price of £1, it turned up scratched, in a slim jewel case and no back cover.

So far i’ve been fairly lucky, especially since probably the worst incident i’ve encountered myself, my own stupidity really. I bought a couple of items of on ebay user. He emailed me after the bid saying he had rare items he wanted to sell. So i asked him what and he replied with such items such as the first metro cd from the last metro and some other highly sort after and rare items. So i sent him $200 in the post, excited about getting ahold of some really rare items all at once. The origina items i bought on ebay arrived fine. The ones he emailed me about didn’t, i never heard from him again and he dissapeared off of ebay shortly afterwards.

I have learnt my lesson.