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Hmmm… I’m 25% doubtful. Was there a Mexican CD single release of Tarantula? I think not. But well, it says it is \"master audio reference for Saturday Night Wrist\", so maybe it’s for a radio program. The date of early May (Mav = May?) is also very doubtful, as the first radio broadcast was only allowed at the end of June, if I’m right. I only might want to buy this for the playful little MCIS-like sun on the CD. Kidding, that makes me even more worried.

The other 75% says, who the hell on earth would want to make such a hoax CD? It’s well done, and looks genuine. Check out the website mentioned on the CD ( ) and you will see the little sun is from the logo of the Studio. After all, I would go for it, only after asking the seller what Mav means, and what Saturday Night Wrist is exactly!

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