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the colour (red vs. purple) is directly linked to the origin (us vs. uk).

and it’s not so weird to have a different pressing for us and uk. it’s happened before, and also for limited vinyl releases. check out the 1979 mixes 12\" for example. it was released in the us and in the uk, and both releases have a different rpm.

my theory is that it’s more common in the us to release 33 rpm vinyl singles. and in the uk 45 rpm vinyl singles are the norm.

either way, if the single gets a vinyl release in both uk and us, it’s only normal they have unique pressing plates. this has always been this way. (if this wasn’t the case, the vinyl is normally pressed in one country, and then maybe exported.)
check out the siamese dream vinyls, for an example of this: the little bit of talking between spaceboy and silverfuck is on side 3 on the us release, but on side 4 on the uk release. (or was it the other way around?)

quite interesting: yes. but not more than that, for me.
i have both, but i don’t feel like comparing much. i never heard any difference listening to them on my stereo, and i wouldn’t know what more i can do.