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the assumed quite limited amount pressed, at least to me, follows from the fact 7\" singles from quite popular and thus commercially ‘happening’ acts nowadays oftentimes turn out to be rather to very low in number/quantity.

TSP at the moment of release was commercially no ‘happening’ act, to say the very least.
this was the second single of an album which didn’t sell great, to any commercial standard.
the Tarantula-single failed to make quite an impact commercially too.
the market for singles is downright totally down the drain; especially in terms of cd singles; for the UK market the vinyl still holds some ground, mostly due to collector’s value(s).

my personal economic and commercial logic has it that it’s not quite that inconcievable for this release to have been kept quite low in quantity.
highly commercially interesting singles for TSP in the high times of SD clocked in at 5.000 copies (or a little bit more,maybe, for Disarm)…
i’d be very surprised if this single was pressed to that amount.
given the ‘relative scarcity’ in shops here in Holland (normally well stocked due to great import channels with the UK), i’d guess this was made to max. 2.000 copies for the UK and the same for the US, maybe less even for the US as the UK vinyl market is much much stronger.
for a release in these pressing figures to feature two different masters and pressings, this does remain quite odd to my taste. ok: the 1979 mixes 12\" was pressed in even lower numbers and was also split as per territory.
maybe in fact, the only reason IS a territorial issue of manufacturing, import/export, whatever to explain this hassle for just some couple of thousand (if that!) vinyl singles.
needless to say perhaps: the single failed to make quite an impact or dent in the charts.
somehow, i really feel this was to be expected and was indeed expected. which therefore begs the question as to why all the hassle with even two different vinyl pressings of this single for a song taken from a commercially failing record by an act failing to address a new audience commercially…?