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I have some info here. At first, BC and JC camped out at a ranch in North Scottsdale, Arizona to get some old feelings back, get the SP sound back. It was an old horse property on 5 acres. They set up the drums and guitar rigs in the Dining room of the residence. They spent a total of 6 weeks there, of which BC says the first 3 weeks were a time that all they were creating was too similar to the 93′ and 98′ Pumpkins, nothiing new. THen after that, the new sound they were looking for came out.

After those 6 weeks, BC and JC came back home to \"Carrie’s\" ( home where they laid down some tracks, studio) with about 18-19 demos. By the time theyt left there to go to \"The Alley\" (studio), they had a total of 30 final demos. This was in February. The recording of Zeitgeist was then taken down to the track list(s) we all know and love. Zeitgeist was recorded on the same 24 track tape machine that MCIS was recorded on. There are only a few of these still used in recording these days. Most have gone to newer methods of recording such as \"Protools\". Well, a little info right? THis is all in the \" Inside The Zeitgeist\" DVD that comes with the Silver version.. Later all

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