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to begin, i’m from peru, and here, people got crazy when they read about the possible latin american tour (and the concert in peru) in

there are some articles in the net that i read, it’s said that the pumpkins will be at latin america for the next summer (for us, winter in north america). there are also some possible dates:

12-1: sao paulo, brazil
12-2: sao paulo, brazil
12-4: porto alegre, brazil
12-6: santiago, chile
12-8: buenos aires, argentina
12-11: lima, peru (very hopeful about that :D)
12-13: bogota, colombia
12-15: mexico d.f., mexico

here’s the link to one article i’ve read, i think it has a lot of info, but it is in spanish (i hope you could translate it, or if you know to speak spanish there’s no problem ^^’) … americana/

PD: there’s another site where it’s said that ginger confirmed to the website SmashingPumpkinsPeru ( ) that they will be coming at december 11th

that could be possible, because ginger’s mother is peruvian, and she would like to come here :D

i can’t sleep everynight thinking about a possible pumpkin concert here!

well, that’s all, see ya!

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