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I have all cd releases of 1 other band: Reboelje. Around 30 cm of cds. I can understand nobody knows them, it’s a Frisian rock/theatre conceptual band that split up a few years ago, unfortunately. They played gigs and theatre shows for more then 15 years, I have seen them many times. The most awesome show I saw was in 1995: \"De Brulloft, It Ferhaal Fan ‘N Branmerke Famke\" (The wedding, or: the story of a stigmatized girl). I will never forget 1 haunting rocksong in that show that was about the moment when the father took sexual advantage of his young daughter, brrrr… :cry: Cool anecdotes also: when 1 rare old cd single was not available anymore, the now ex-manager of the band made a special copy of his own for me. Awesome.

This was 1 of the concerts I attended, back in 2002.

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