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if i like a band, i will often switch to \"collecting mode\" for a bit. this usually means trying to get all their albums, and sometimes a single or an ep here and there. at that moment it’s proper collecting. trying to collect it all. it doesn’t matter if they’ve made one bad album, i’m also going to get it.

i’ve done this for many bands. sometimes i also buy promos, and albums and singles on vinyl. but it’s never as bad as with the pumpkins.

a couple of examples of bands i have at least all the albums:
david bowie
joy division
yeah yeah yeahs
the beatles
dinosaur jr
the breeders
elliott smith
raconteurs (also collecting their 7\" singles)
the chemical brothers
daft punk
my morning jacket
arcade fire

i’m still working on my bob dylan collection.
and i’m sure there are many more i haven’t thought about.