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Dating the tape

Our guess would be, when the tape is real, the tape is created between the latest recording date of any track and the earliest release date, this gives the following timeframe: 1993/04/?? (Spring 1993) (Soundworks Studio) and 1993/07/13 (Cherub Rock release). This would mean it is not intended to be spread as a hoax in the SP community. This timeframe also explains why Glynis was still intended to be a b-side at that moment. However, around 1994/10/?? or a bit later is also possible, as for sure all tracks were mastered by then.

When the tape is a hoax, it’s created in 2005.

Questions unanswered

-Why create an inhouse tape at Virgin in this specific running order with so many mistakes in the tracklist?
-Why not putting the other tracks like Soothe on it instead?
-Why master so many (b-sides) tracks at the same time in this period at Masterdisk Corporation, while Siamese Dream already exceeded budgets and release them in the period 1993/07/?? – 1994/10/??.
-Why wasn’t the official j-card of Virgin used?
-Where was the tape between the creation date in 1993/1994 and Spring 2007, when it appeared on the market?

To cut a long story short, we send an email to the seller with lots of questions, telling him we are very doubtful about this tape, thinking it was created just a few years ago. This was his response.

\"Hello Arthur,

My apologies for the delay in my reply. I have been on Holiday and then in and out of the office with a friend here from Australia and now my kids starting back at school. All three of your messages were here waiting for me. My friend \"Z\" who works with me obviously could not answer any of the questions etc.

First of all I must say that I am no less then completely impressed by your efforts to document this tape which on the other hand is not too surprising since you are a collector and running the SPfreaks website. As for your synopsis about when the tape was made is totally and completely impossible. It has been stored in a box along with the other tapes & CD’s for much longer then 2005. As I mentioned to \"X\", I received all of this stuff including many other Virgin items including the Stones, David Bowie, Jagger solo, Lenny Kravitz, Janet Jackson & so much more… It came from a heavy duty Virgin executive who cleaned out his storage room. It was truly a ridiculous amount of stuff… I was able to pick what I wanted and I left nothing behind… As I mentioned to \"X\", I still have some incredible stuff left…

I think that regardless of logic sometimes things are just not to be explained. I have found this with many promo only items, Cassettes, CD’s and records. I described it to the best of my ability given the circumstances and knowledge I had of the situation with the tape and were it originated.

I would like your further thoughts and also please let me know if I can provide any other details to help.\"


Though some extra questions are send, and answers are awaited, we now presume this \"B-Sides From Siamese Dream\" tape is no hoax, but a genuine Virgin inhouse promo tape. Keep you posted when we have more news…

Last but not least, we like to advise every collector to do proper research before buying expensive items… Remember the 1994 Earphoria promo?

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