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Hi All,

Sorry this is a bit long — but worth it if you love Billy and only want the best for him.

I’m a newbie to the list but have been researching the \"veronica grey\" thing for several weeks. If you didn’t already know this, she has claimed on her myspace site that she married Billy in the \"wee hours of July 4th at the Biltmore\". Many have called the Biltmore and no weddings that day. After that original post, she added about 5 myspace profiles all talking about their romance (13 years in the making she says — hello? Yelena? Chris? Courtney?) and is such a narcissist. After a few days those pages mysteriously were deleted from myspace (she claimed someone hacked into them because they are \"the famous Grey-Corgan couple\". She claims Billy talks telepathically to her and that he is hyphenating his name, etc. etc.

I met Billy in the early 90’s and actually corresponded w/ him via snail mail for about a year. He was happily married to Chris then and I know that he is a ring guy so the first thing I did was review all the videos after July 4th and no ring. I noticed that she soon started calling the wedding \"a blessed unification ceremony\".

From what I gather, she’s rich or famous just enough to get into places and one of her good friends even said she will try and show up where Billy is so it looks like they are together. I know she knows Billy because she wrote a book and he was one of many rock stars on the cover. I think he liked her writing (to me she writes like she is on drugs) and I think she’s hung around for *so* long that no one from the Pumpkins camp thinks twice when they see her.

But enough of that, if you want to keep updated on Veronica Grey (to see how she changes her words daily):

-you need to add her as a friend on myspace (I know that almost killed me to do so but her profile is private). Check the left hand column (it seems to change daily) and the \"who I’d like to meet’ section (as that changes a lot, too).

-you also need to add her dog’s myspace page (you can get it from her page) as she now sends messages about her \"marriage\" and \"her husband\" through his page. His name is \"Galford Grey-Corgan\". *check his blogs — that is where she posts her crap**

Also, check her non-myspace pages: (especially look at the page you can get to from the \"E\" link. it’ll piss you off). This is her web site for her pen name as she calls herself a writer and has 2 books out.

and finally, check out the notorious \"wedding journal\" at: … /index.htm

(note — this is a *long read* of crazy things but you must read it entirely to see just how sick this girl is)

After you’ve read her pages (which obviously no one from the Pumpkins camp can do anything about), then go to: … sorder.htm

I truly think she suffers from this disorder. I worry for Billy’s welfare. I think the Pumpkin camp is quiet and just doing all they can to stifle the lies she is spewing as damage control. But they are not saying a word about it. If she’s a nuts as I think she is, I just wouldn’t want her to ever hurt him. Knowing Billy (limited that I do) he probably thinks it’s funny and is just taking it as a ruse but I doubt he’s had time to dig up all the stuff we have below.

As I have said 1000 times. If Billy is married to her and all this is true, I’ll be the first in line to say \"I’m sorry and congratulations\".

If anything infuriates me the most it is that she claims that MCIS, TFE, and Zeitgeist were all written for her, by Billy, in an attempt to get her to marry him. It’s insulting to all former and current Pumpkins.

Sorry this was so long…

Glad to be a part of the SP Freaks forum — I’ve been a Pumpkin fan since Gish.