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Thanks for the welcome.

I am pretty much a Billy fanatic. I got to know him when he wasn’t a \"super\" star and I was already obsessed with him prior to that. Everything he ever said to me was honest, kind, and genuine.

I am really upset with this Veronica Grey girl. It’s insulting not only to Billy but to Jimmy, James, D’Arcy, and all those that have written or helped collaborate on any of their songs.

The only thing I collect so far are tickets, letters, and a few napkins that he sent to me. He’d write letters to me on strange things — I have one that is on a blank invitation to a kid’s birthday party.

I could very much be interested into collecting. . .

I’d like to hear from anyone who saw him at the shows in San Francisco. I’d like to see if this Veronica was there. . she claims to be touring with them.

I want to go see them but not sure I’ll make it. They aren’t playing anywhere in my state. WHen they weren’t big, I saw them at a club in Santa Fe with only 500 people. It was the *best* night of my life.

I hope I didn’t bore anyone w/ that information but I think that real pumpkin fans would want to know. It’s totally his style to not comment at all on it.

I think it’s funny she says \"Zeitgeist\" was written for her. In one of the \"Ask a Pumpkin\" videos, he clearly says it was written about the state of affairs in this world today, about the government, and nothing about a miss Veronica Grey.

Please comment or email me back after you look at some of the crap she posted. The wedding journal and the page on her site will make it clear she is nuts.

Thanks for having me here!!