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luxe, don’t get as obsessed as that veronica gal ok, that’s all i’m saying. cool research indeed but stay healthy also right. nevertheless you got a point here as that tennis gal was stabbed in the back by a fan i believe and wasn’t john lennon murdered by a fan also? not sure about this. clearly that veronica is nuts as hell and needs to wake up and for the rest i’m not bothered by it as most probably many fans all ages and all sexes write i love billy and want to marry him in their diaries. this gal is putting it online which is stupid and she’s making a fool of herself. my guess is that billy knows about this and just smiles and tightens the security a bit maybe. and then jumps in another bed with the next fan hahaha! :lol: no seriously billy is single he said it many times and when doing concerts he is clearly flirting with the females in the audience and enjoying the rockstar life.

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