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You both are right — who would do this and why does it bother me so much? The first question I have no idea about — I would never, ever spout this crap all over the Internet. But I do worry about his safety. I do believe John Lennon was murdered by a fan and actually another SP fan gave me a list of famous people being injured/murdered by fans.

I guess my main concern is that I know in the past they were friends and Billy is a good guy (& very smart) and anyone can see that she’s not balanced right. . so I hope that if he ever does have a chat w/ her as I could see him doing I hope she doesn’t go ballistic and do something stupid. To herself or to him.

I also feel extremely defensive of the Pumpkins and the gal that girl has to so boldly claim all this stuff is so insulting to them.

Anyway, I am loving Zeitgeist — got all the different versions + a Japanese pressed version and listed to it constantly.

Right now my favorite song is \"United States\" but love \"Bleeding the Orchid\". .

A question — any of you musicians? I am learning to play the bass guitar and would love to know what Pumpkins songs (from any album) would be best to start learning (i.e. – the easiest bass lines).

Have a good Saturday night everyone.