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I play guitar. I still hold Siamese Dream up as my favorite album, so after I played for about 3 years, I learned every song on that album. LOL. Even most of the solos! I think the bass on that album is pretty easy. However, I don’t play bass, so I’m not positive on this. I just am thinking of most of the songs on that album, and there aren’t any runs or anything. Just mostly rhythmic chord progression.

On that obsessed fan note, I just got done watching VH1 Behind the Music on Pantera. They covered the murder of Dimebag Darrell. I must say, that is still shocking to me. No one knows why the guy killed him, but they speculate that he was despondent about the break up of Pantera. It’s just very sad, he killed some fans that night as well. I didn’t know that shit was caught on tape either. Very disturbing.

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