Reply To: Billy’s married? True or not true?

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I agree with you, Tree_Spirit, that her mental health isn’t right and I wasn’t being sarcastic or mean when I posted the link to that narcissistic disorder.

She still is human and although she’s done something quite bold and stupid (in my opinion) I would certainly not want her to hurt herself or anyone else.

I just wonder how she will back pedal out of it. I saw the first part of the back pedal when she went from calling it a wedding to a \"unification ceremony\" which equals not legal.

Also, thank you to the moderators of this forum for reminding us of the rules on the treatment of the other members. We’re all here for the same thing — the Pumpkins. You can like or dislike what I say but you don’t need to flame me for something you disagree with and vice versa for me. I believe the majority of the members here hold the same level of respect that I do for all of you.

Have a good night to all of you.