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partial birth abortions. just that name sounds horrible. and i am all for abortions. hmmm, if you can find the interview bullet, i’d like to read it.

anyway, here’s a shortlist of palin:

1) no one’s ever heard of her
2) she supports abstinence teaching in schools, but her 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant
3) the daughter will be participating in a shotgun wedding
4) palin has left the country once in her entire life
5) allegations that she used her political power to fire a state trooper (her brother in law)
6) she was chosen for VP after meeting with mccain, over the phone mind you, for a mere 15 minutes

those are the \"negatives\". but since i’m not a reporter, i don’t have to be fair and balanced, so i’m not going to be.

however, i will say one positive, i find her incredibly gorgeous.

in my time of dying