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when I met him…It might have been a lust factor plus I was 21 then and he WAS great with children at the time, but not so much now. He’s better with other people’s children then ours.So with everything that has gone on throughout the years I think I was not being the ‘real’ me and being what he wanted me to be, so here I am being me now! And I gave him some food for thought today, let’s hope he ‘gets’ it. If not then I will figure that out eventually. I have lost a lot of emotion when it comes to anything in our marriage and that’s kind of a bad sign. It’s like I really don’t care if he is home anymore. I like it when he is gone at work or out with his friends. I get excited when he has to work late, then if he cames home earlier than expected I don’t feel happy to see him…..
I agree staying with someone for the sake of just staying put to not disrupt things could lead to more potential issues with my children as they get older. Don’t be sorry, I chose this, and now I am just thankful I have started to figure this out now!
I am optimistic that things will improve, but if not, then I got to start making some plans.
that’s part of my problem I am sometimes too optimistic.
But I always want the best for all and this might not be the best, but it could be worse and he could possibly change for the better..but this isn’t the first time we have had these’s just hot air blown in his ear, he talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk….
love is a fickle bitch as stated earlier in this thread :)