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I’ve tried chrome.

It’s alright. It’s VERY lightweight, which is a good thing, and the combination of running each tab as a seperate process and the built task manager is VERY good because you can see what webpages/applications are eating your resources. And the way it’s designed gives you lots of screenspace for the page.

But the interface is ugly, impossible to customize easily and just plain difficult to use. I really find having a button to toggle a bookmark sidebar on and off unbelievably useful – a feature Chrome has neglected.

Also, I love my FF set-up (appearance, layout, add-ons) too much to give it up, especially considering that I can’t replicate any of it in Chrome.

But it is in beta, which means that it is most likely going to be improved.

Oh, and it runs a background application that checks for updates every 25 hours, whether you are running Chrome or not, which is AWFUL. Adobe does this, and it is so intrusive and annoying. FF checks for updates when you run it only, which is the way it should be done.

So apparently I don't post very often these days