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manilla…I didn’t say he was my soul mate I had the IF in there…lol
and you are right though about it not being defined by marriage.
Well regardless, I spoke my peace with him and it’s like talking to a tree stump. He was on an attack of I am blaming him for everything, when I wasn’t. I just said accept responsibility in your life make the right choices that you feel fit for you. You can only change yourself if you want-so we will see if anything I said sinks in…I hate to say it, but it always goes in one ear and out the other, so that is what I expect yet again.
I just don’t normally speak about my personal life, but it’s just so ridiculous right now that I want to and I am comfortable enough on this site (even though tons of people read this) to post it. Maybe it can help someone else in their life :)
so on that note…never had a soul mate and wouldn’t even know what one is…..
so I can live without one