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it was not quite a ‘top notch’ release.

– make sure the vinyl is not warped
– make sure the vinyl is not scratched
– make sure there are no bumps or dents in the outer sleeve (it’s not really thick cardboard)
– make sure the inner sleeve is ok
– are the inserts there? especially: the booklet as the LP cames with a booklet…. (sometimes or mostly: some flyers were added too…)

opened state, with the above checked and OK…
i’d say LiD might fetch somewhere between USD 75 – 125 depending on the condition…
(this used to be way higher back in the days…- yep! i’ve been there and paid way more…)
(still: it’s all up to the infamous: ‘what anyone is willing to pay’-thing…: this seems to be an objective idea of the per se value of the item, though i really could see a LiD LP go for USD 250 too, even know… the market just fluctuates and you can never really tell…)

just make sure to check the vinyl and the sleeve are ok and the insert booklet is there.
then: make up your own mind if the price is right for what you’re getting.

good luck.