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\"Too late to turn back now I’m running out of sound and I am changing, changing and if we died right now this fool you love somehow is here with you\" – Galapagos

\"There are some things I’ll live without but I want you to know that I need you right now\" – In the Arms of Sleep

\"The wait hurts worse than the blows\" – Stellar

\"So may you come with your own knives you’ll never take me alive\" – Behold! The Night Mare

\"no more promise, no more sorrow, no longer will I follow can anybody hear me I just want to be me\" – Mayonaise

\"Do what you gotta do, and say what you gotta say, do what you gotta do start today\" – Window Paine

"Until the bitter, bitter end of the world, yeah -- when God sleeps in bliss" ~ Soma.::SP freak since 1995::.