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Praise. Cloud nine, if you ask me. Beautiful story bullet, really. Well written, maybe for a bit younger aged audience, nevertheless I loved reading it at age 40+. Making those guys \"disappear\" faster and faster gives excitement and tension to the story, and at the end of what you published here, I’m getting very curious what is happening, why have they moved to this other world. The conversations between persons flow nicely, like in real life I guess, and also the things they do seem natural. I would say, a (more than) pretty nice start of a science fiction children’s novel, am I correct?

The only critics I have is a typo I found: \"besuty\". Big deal… (not).

And don’t ask me if you will have a chance to get this published, because I wouldn’t know. You deserve it if it was to me, but I’m not involved in the publishing area…

Keep it up, this fan wants to read the next chapters! :D

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