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After the long haul of recording Zeitgeist, Corgan seems very at peace with the decision to proceed. “There have been different roads you could take. There’s the much-vaunted reunion road where people do not speak, but because there’s money to be made, they play but hate each other. We were very open to the idea of our former bandmates playing, but only under the circumstance of love of music, and love of playing new music. If those criteria weren’t present, then they weren’t going to be involved. Moving forward it really has to be about what the music asks of us.”

For Corgan and Chamberlin, working as a duo on Zeitgeist has only brought more depth to a musical partnership–one that was tested by Chamberlin’s past personal problems and his subsequent firing from the band in 1996. “It taught us a lot of deep, hard lessons about life and about what matters,” Chamberlin says now. “Through our so-called estrangement I never felt a total disconnect with Billy. For us to have gone through what we’ve gone through–me personally and him personally…My publicized life aside, there were things we went through that people don’t know about–Billy’s mother’s passing, my mother and father’s passing, it’s all really brought us together.”

“I’ve been continually humbled by the relationship,” Corgan adds. “You have this thing you do together that remotely sounds like what people identify as sounding like the Smashing Pumpkins. When you think of all the energy that’s been created off that gift between us, that’s a staggering thing. We could sit here and wax rhapsodic about why that is, but the truth is we have no clue why when we play together something seems to happen. And it doesn’t mean we can’t have great moments with other people, but we consistently seem to go to some other place together.”

For now, both men express excitement to get to visit–and even reside–in that other place–that Pumpkins place–again. “It’s an absolute joy,” says Corgan. “In all candor, there are some songs I haven’t played in 13 years and I’m the kind of person who can’t lie about it. If I hated playing those songs, I would tell you. I’m loving being in a great place to represent this music. We want to play this music, and we appreciate that you want to hear it. And even if you don’t we can respect that. We’ve come out of the fire of it all, and we’re tough enough to go from here.”

“It’s amazing,” adds Chamberlin. “What’s amazing is the pure physicality, the primal instinct behind what we did back then–how our conviction was so much stronger than our intuition. It gives me a deep appreciation of myself as a young man and Billy as a young man—and for how unashamedly we pursued our craft and continue to do so.” “It’s surprisingly fun,” Corgan says with a visible smile. “That’s not a word you normally associate with us, but it’s fun.”

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