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Initially, the \"link\" btw sp and mcr is that the Way brothers, (singer and bass) site sp as of one their main influences. When their second record hit (2004) they mentioned sp in a host of interviews. I know this ‘cuase my cousin who’s 12 was/is really into them and he asked me if the sp they were mentioning was my sp (my sp – so cute). So lazy music media – easy to compare them, and now with sp’s return, 90s bands v newer bands that sell records.

dont get the haters though, sure sp isnt selling MCIS era bucket loads, but i cant see it as an i’ll buy/support mcr and not sp or vice versa. Sonically not in the same ball park (GO CUBS)

SP 3rd record MCIS
MCR 3rd record Black Parade

But their first record is great for a debut, quite raw and production is not so compressed as on Three Cheers or Black Parade.

So SP wins for mine