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Now I also found a Japanese promo for the Oceania Live In NYC 2CD/DVD release. Happy! 8)

Here’s a pic of that signed promo CD I bought last weekend. For some reason I love it. Especially Melissa made her signature quite extraordinary, with extra XX, and an arrow! And all autographs are crystal clear too!

Furthermore, I have the idea that Billy wrote 99 at his signature. He is known to write a year next to his autograph on many occassions, mostly as a full year though. It should have been 1999 then. So maybe it’s something else (a heart)? When it turns out to be 99 indicating the year it was signed, it makes this promo CD quite something. So far I have never seen an autographed Smashing Pumpkins item from 1999, a year when not much happened in SP world, public appearances-wise.

And we know this promo CD was released in December 1999, so it must have been signed almost immediately in its month of release then. Most likely locations where it was signed were at the two Metro, Chicago gigs the band did that month. The seller had no clue however; he bought it from someone in Michigan, and that’s all he knew about it. He only suggested, without knowing for sure, there might have been a signing session with Smashing Pumpkins in that same period in Michigan.

What are your thoughts, fellow collectors?

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