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love can seem so real and so perfect and so absolute and neverending until one day maybe it hits you and you realize that this absolute certainty that’s been leading you through life, has sent you down a path or to a place that you didn’t want to be. maybe you saw it coming, but weren’t willing to be selfish enough for yourself, and had to be fake, making the compramise for someone else. what was once real love, becomes fake love.

been there. i’ve had to make that decision. i guess maybe we all might have at some point. and then deal with wondering if it was the right one. i’m not hating on all the people who are in love. and i know those \"compramises\" that you make for someone, are a part of what love is all about. but when you’re in that transition period when you are decending from the crazy in love mode, back down to reality, and you weigh those compramises and decide whether or not this is real love or fake love, that’s when the fake love shows itself. and i guess you just know when those compramises are worth it. i can definately determine when they are not. and i know you won’t know till you at least try.

i love to use commas.
compramises wasn’t the best word to use. i was trying to think of a beter word.
i had a point. it’s in there somewhere.

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