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they’re gonna do a world tour sometime while in the middle of recording too. hence the years comment. you all want a show right?

44 songs over 2 years. 22 songs a year. a new song every 1.8 months. that’s 6 weeks between each song release. over 2 years of time.

say they get released over the span of a year and a half, not 2 years. 44 songs over 18 months. 22 songs in 9 months. thats 2.5 weeks between releases.

the average is a song about every 5 weeks. assuming this doesn’t take more than 2 years.

or traditionally, you would wait one year from now to get an album of 12 songs or so. averaging about 1 song per month. which is about where we’re at right now.

he’ll be done near the end of 2011. just before the end of the world when 2012 starts. can’t complain.

there i go over analyzing.

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