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I believe in the spirit realm. I don’t believe that ghosts are dead people’s \"souls.\" I think they are spirit creatures just screwing around with silly humans.

UFOs? Either government crafts/airplanes/ or spirits screwing around with people. Same with crop circles. I mean come on, if humans like to play pranks on other humans, don’t you think the spirit realm would have fun screwing around with us too? It’s like a kid knocking over an ant pile just to watch them all scurry around furiously!

And the crazy animal/bigfoot etc stuff…. yeah there are tons of animals that haven’t been discovered and documented yet. Who knows whats out there. I don’t put 100% faith in the stories, but I also don’t think it’s a bunch of crap.

And government conspiracy theories. Sure, it’s possible. I think people who think they were abducted by aliens were probably just abducted for scientific studies by the government. (think the TV show Fringe)