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My honest to god thoughts on this?

Humans are inherently afraid of the unknown. So, as ALWAYS, we come up with stories to help us cope with these fears.

China, with a very long lifespan, used dragons to symbolize the unknown. Somewhere in Europe, people made up vampires. Then werewolves. In the deep seas, it was giant octopus and squid. And mermaids. It always seems to correspond to the fears of the times.

Once technology advanced to an understanding, yet fear of space, we invented martians and ufos. It’s part of what makes us human. I’m not doing a very scholastic job here, but if you follow the progression of mankind from hunter/gatherer, to herders/nomads, to farming/agriculture, to civilized societies/cities, there is always the unknown. As our understanding progresses, the fears expand, but are just as unfounded.

We, as humans, simply cannot accept that there is so much we do not know, and that we may never know. This scares us, so we rationalize our fear with irrational explanations or urban myths, to give some sort of credence to explain away what we cannot comprehend.

Interestingly enough, religion, through the progression of mankind, follows a similar, evolving path.

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