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well, if you can’t tell the difference, then you shouldn’t think there are only 25 copies. you should add the amount of white label promos.

the difference can’t always be told.
the main difference is why they were made. test pressings are very small runs (even smaller than 25 copies; i think 5 per test pressing is more realistic), with the intention to check if everything is ok. white label promos might look identical to test pressings, but they were pressed in larger amounts (hundreds), with the intention to be handed out as promotional items.
so if you found a copy, and you don’t know where it came from, and it’s just a record with a white label in a generic hut label sleeve, then it’s a white label promo. the fact that someone on ebay listed it as a \"test pressing\" does not make it a test pressing. you need to know the (true) story behind it before you can consider it a test pressing.