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Peeps here!!!!

I just wanted to send a MASSIVE thnx to all of you / us over here!!!!

I just checked the Poster article on and it hit 3.333 views!!!!

That’s MASSIVE!!!!!

And I couldn’t have done this without all your contributions to!
As all imagelinks are taken from here!!!

So- a major, massive and above all genuinie and fellow-fan THNX to all of you!!!!
3.333 views for a PMM article is massive….

Love you for your efforts!!!



Thnx for the props!


I will do my best regardering the ‘other’ article-!!!!
I think this band never played live.
I have heard demo recordings though through the phone of material I know from The Marked played by this ‘band’ and original material between these guys!
And: nope- this is not a Ron Roesing trying to make himself more important than he was or is kinda story-
At least one of these people DID go on the be IMPORTANT and confirmed this band and his (be it VERY slight!!!!!!) involvement (for HIS part that is!) with this band-
Working on it-
More to follow soon—-

(owww yeah- uhmmm- reading back some posts… I have to say: it’s not a band between The Marked and TSP, but pre-The Marked even!— still: there ARE recordings! these are true and genuine! plus: between The Marked and TSP (1987-1988) there’s a gap too! James was still in Snake Train, BUT; i’ve done some research (ahum, SOME, ahum) and it turns out ST was SO ‘punk-rock’ James could play it with his eyes closed so the speak so he didn’t turn up for rehearsals or something… which fits in with him spending time with BC to record and rehearse and write and whatever… as is evidenced in ‘I Fall’ which, according to BC, is a dec87 demo recording by BC+JI and thus; while JI was also still in ST…!!! so- there’s kindalike an era before The Marked and some time after The Marked, but before ‘I Fall’ (I have specifically asked BC: ‘So this is you and James; would you consider this to be the first TSP-recording?!’ To which he answered: ‘Yes: The Marked was over and done with, Ron was out; it was me and James; plus- this was the first time my vision of what I wanted my band to be started to form.’ Still- Ron Roesing WASN’T totally OUT per se as per the NEC demo tape and so there’s a lot to be cleared up… owwwww—- I just love it like this as new bits and pieces turn up all the time!!!!!)