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well, the first ep was said to be limited to 10,000 copies worldwide.
i’ve seen the same number mentioned for the second ep, but maybe people just copied the numbers from the first release.

maybe they get way more money per sold item. remember that they’re working without a record company now. i assume they got the best possible deal with rocket science records or however they’re called: rocket science doesn’t invest any money in the band, but as a result, they don’t run away with the biggest part of the profits. all they have to do is produce and distribute the physical copies.

i think they also get money out of deals with the websites where they pre-release their free songs.

and i think this isn’t so much about the money. otherwise they wouldn’t give away all the songs for free. obviously they don’t want to lose any money releasing the nice eps, but i don’t think the idea behind them is to cash in big times.