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There is another board in Italy called bcit, and don’t forget Ozphoria in Australia. And there is another board with a few 100 members, but I don’t know it’s name anymore. Something with Zero Children, I don’t know. I noticed fucknetphoria also, at first I thought it was our \"friendly competitor\" as they started just a few days before us in July 2007, but grew pretty fast for a start. They now have 125+ members, but nobody is posting anymore since midway August. Weird. I guess they blew up with too many forums to start with. Hopefully they will continue their good job soon again, it’s such a waste spending so many hours developing such a thing and then leave it…

I do post also on, and Netphoria a few times to explain a bit about SPfreaks. is hopefully back online soon. And this SPfreaks board… is here to stay! With your help guys, thanks! 8)

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