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Well, it was good to have been there! They played the same setlist we all know by now (what is the idea behind that anyway?), and Mayonaise was just awesome! Goose bumps! Longest United States I ever heard (15-20 minutes long!?) and that Uriah Heep etc. cover part was awesome too! The sound in Brabanthallen was not that good, too distorted, and overall, the setlist was not that interesting for this grumpy grandpa Arthur. I was not into it all the time, but a pretty good concert anyway. Me and my friend Vincent went home happy! Oh, and I think because they played too long they couldn’t do Cherub Rock in the encore, which is a shame.

We missed the support act, as we had to come from far after our jobs. We heard they were awesome, but well, we came for the Pumpkins anyway.

I met a lot of good friends there (some I didn’t know they would appear!) and it was fun times. Wanted to buy some merch, but it ended up sold out at the end of the concert. Took the American Gothic EP with me, meanwhile winning an UK promo on eBay I just found out hiha! (though some bramgh (wtf?) tried to make the price skyhigh, but he didn’t succeed nya nya nya 8) )

I took some pics and movies, but the flash wouldn’t go off for some silly reason, so the pics might turn out crap. I will check that tonight, I have to run now! See ya!

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